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In line with our business model, our business activities centre on growing our revenue and profit across both our core and added-value categories, through the effective and balanced use of our capitals.

KZN Oils

KZN Oils (PTY) LTD has identified a potentially viable opportunity to establish a truck stop with accommodation, a diner, petrol station, a convenience store and restaurant, as well as a depot for oil, petrol, diesel and gas reserves in your area.

We have vast experience in project/market identification and assessment with possible venture selection, infrastructure, operational requirements and management of new projects. This is your opportunity to undertake a major role in this project, and play a key role in solving the problem of unemployment, poverty and inequality.

Champion Health Care

Champion Health Care (Pty) Limited is a medical dressing supplier that designs, develops, manufactures and markets medical dressings and related products. The company’s initial product offering includes gauzes, swabs, bandages, dressings, pads, sanitary towels and disposable underwear. These products are very popular among hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and private general practitioners.

Ko-lay Home of Chicken

On the 19thof January 2016 Ko-lay opened its doors as a casual dining restaurant and take away. Ko-lay foods is the brainchild of Rajen Reddy and has become a symbol of so much more than your normal restaurant created by this visionary and creative entrepreneur.

Rajen and his Ko-lay team believe in the bright future of Africa, embracing our cultural diversity and offering equal opportunities for all. Through the Ko-lay brand, Rajen and his team strives to not only offer the best quality food and excellent customer service but also to stimulate wealth creation by sourcing our chicken and produce from local SMME farmers.

We believe that a great restaurant chain and franchise needs more than world class food, it’s also about our top-quality service, dedicated staff, generosity, family values and going the extra mile too that is an integral part of our success story.

JD Telecom

JD Telcom’s has designed 2 models to assist existing ICT companies expand their scope of products and services within their customer base and also provides a platform to extend your reach throughout South Africa. You have the choice to either become a JD Telecoms Franchisee or enlist as a JD Telecoms Distributor.

Become a JD Telecoms Franchisee and become a valued role player in the Telkom value chain, enabling your business to lead the way in offering the latest Technology driven solutions, products, and services to your customers.

As a JD Telecoms Franchisee your team will receive consistent Training, Technical Support, Sales and Marketing Tools. We are committed to seeing your business grow and together we can make it a success.

KZN Oils Transport

KZN Oils Transport was founded on the principal of bringing our service stations in a way that is safe, efficient and always contributes to our partners growth. We believe that customer service and good customer relationships is the key to success in our business.

We have a network of service providers around the country to attend to any issue we might, EG: Tyre Breakdowns/ Mechanical Breakdowns.

KZN Oils Transport supplies 37 Caltex service stations and many other commercial sites with fuel.

We strive for service delivery and make it our duty to ensure that all sites have sufficient stock.

KK Property Development

KK Property Development is a world-class, multi-dimensional company focusing on property development, that operates out of South Africa, and has a footprint across the continent.

Our holistic approach is underpinned by our underlying focus of ensuring green skills, for green jobs, in a green economy. While we have many years’ experience in all aspects of property development and construction, our particular area of expertise is the customised design, construction and operation of cost- and time-effective alternatives. Our use of innovative building technology methods is proven to unlock significant benefits for many projects big or small. Our model is built around a relatively small core team of specialists in a number of design, construction and development disciplines.

We utilise best-of-breed partners in the creation of developments that deliver unprecedented value for all stakeholders.


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Words from R Reddy

“We at the RR Group are constantly expanding and growing. Professionalism and  work ethics have geared us towards success, constantly engaging with key entities who share our vision, gratified by the positive responses received.

Progress into a technologically-defined third millennium our sustainable business drive is about creating the future. Fortified by passion to provide more opportunities more often. Communities will be enriched, employees inspired and our customers and shareholders will enjoy the benefits.”

Changes – Value – Growth


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