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Building profitable business by creating brands that matter; brands and projects that make an impact on people’s lives.


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Guided By Passion And Fortified By Our Values

Guided by passion and fortified by our values, we strive to create value for our stakeholders through the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of branded and private products. In line with our business model, our business activities centre on growing our revenue and profit across our platforms, through the effective and balanced use of our capitals.

Our aim is to continue to capitalise on opportunities in the rest of Africa through a low-risk expansion strategy which entails following our established customers into selected locations, entering into joint ventures with other established businesses, and acquiring or establishing new businesses where appropriate to extend ownership of our value chain. Beyond expanding our physical footprint, we constantly engage with our multi-national partners to identify and capitalise on export opportunities in this space.

Since 1994

RR Group was conceptualised in 1994 by Rajen Reddy who is presently the Chief Executive Officer. Rajen Reddy’s career spanned over twenty six years in business, during which time he had owned a retail Shell service station for nine years. In 1996 he decided to sell the service station and focus on KZN Oils, a 100% Black Economic Empowerment Company that resells petroleum related products to public and private companies. In 2019 the RR Group was officially formed as a holding company to consolidate these businesses under one entity. 


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The RR Group is based in KZN, South Africa. As an integrated technology group, we aim to create the future, driven by  passion, ambition and guided by our values.


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Our Core Business

Words from R Reddy

“We at the RR Group are constantly expanding and growing. Professionalism and  work ethics have geared us towards success, constantly engaging with key entities who share our vision, gratified by the positive responses received.

Progress into a technologically-defined third millennium our sustainable business drive is about creating the future. Fortified by passion to provide more opportunities more often. Communities will be enriched, employees inspired and our customers and shareholders will enjoy the benefits.”

Changes – Value – Growth



    Seeing the way our work has changed the world around us, we believe the actions we are committing to will make RR Group a better, stronger business; ready for the huge societal changes we are experiencing today.

    The Oil Baron Of KZN

    The Oil Baron Of KZN

    Rajen Reddy is not afraid to get his hands greasy. It is this “can do” attitude that has seen him become a modern-day oil baron, heading his own oil and fuel distribution company, KZN Oils. He has tried his hand in the plumbing, construction, takeaway, stationery,...

    BEE at its best: KZN Oils

    BEE at its best: KZN Oils

    Following government's black empowerment efforts, Rajen Reddy, CEO of KZN Oils, has built his dream into a multimillion rand business. He talks to Africa Outlook. By Ian Armitage You've read a million times what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur: intelligence,...

    KZN Oils Business Opportunity

    KZN Oils Business Opportunity

    KZN Oils (PTY) LTD has identified a potentially viable opportunity to establish a truck stop with accommodation, a diner, petrol station, a convenience store and restaurant, as well as a depot for oil, petrol, diesel and gas reserves in your area. We have vast...

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